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Hi, I'm Melodweep and I've composed and arranged some music that I use for my own Youtube video's. After getting a lot of positive replies and questions regarding who the performer of the music is and where the tracks could be downloaded, I decided to make my music downloadable for free here on

Altough some songs might be in a regular music genre, my music is generally speaking not of a standard type. This is a special kind of music: Hate it or love it. :)

Listen to the songs online or download the tracks. It's legal to use the music royalty free in your video, website, game, slideshow, film or presentation.

"Yes, you can use my music to monetize your video's on youtube!"

You've got my permission to use my songs for personal or commercial use. I use a fairly simple creative commons license( By Attribution 3.0 ) that allows you to use the tracks legally. If you are adding the music in your project and you want to use it royalty free, these are the terms:

1. Free with "credit to": Music by Melodweep at See the FAQ for credit options.

2. Without credit donate € 10 to freely use all of my music. See the FAQ for more.

Go to the music page now and start selecting your tracks!